Bring focus to your real estate capital - and take control.

Benefit from our expertise in banking and commercial real estate.  Our capital brokerage business is built to source financing that will make enduring contribution to your real estate investment success.

Obtain solid, competitive options and close your deal - on terms that contribute to your greater success.

Gain market visibility, respect your stature, and prevent going to lenders unprepared or hat-in-hand.

Save your time needed to execute your core strategy, while efficiently solving for the financing  you want.

Commercial and multifamily mortgage brokerage services for California property owners, sponsors, and investors.

You'll appreciate us at every stage of your deal.

The bedrock of our business is our diligent delivery from start to finish of the solid financing expertise you need to execute your strategy and stay ahead of the market.

Lender Insight

Analytics-led insight on funding markets, combined with first-hand news and information from our network.

Effective Marketing

Impressive presentation and effective marketing to create a competitive spirit - across lenders and markets.

Perspective for Negotiations

Informed perspective on proposals, to help understand funders' thinking, giving context to proactively negotiate between offers.

Support to Close

Support anticipating and bypassing blockers as the deal progresses, to successfully land your financing and close.

Professional Interface

Professional interface with lenders, giving breathing room and  buffering negotiations, to start your relationship on a positive foot.

Go further and faster with our specialized services.

We support your strategy with propositions built to rapidly advance your deals and get them closed.

  Learn our approach for:

Credit from responsive lenders with technical skill to underwrite and close your deal.

For hands-on value-creating strategies - such as active trading; distressed acquisition; special purpose asset plays; property renovation and repositioning; ground-up build; and the like.


Strengths of our proposition:
1. Speed to close – we work quickly to meet your deadlines, and work with lenders committed to

      do the same.
2. Technical capabilities –  we develop our lender network to build diversity of capabilities, increasing the                   potential of our lenders to underwrite the specific technical aspects of your project. 
3. Structuring agility – from across our competitive short-term and bridge lenders, we prioritize those who              go further, offering the structuring skill, flexibility and creativity to enable approval and funding.

Achieve your financing goals with a strong partner.

Our experience works to get you a better deal.

About Us

Premier Agent Network assists owners of commercial and multifamily real estate obtain loan funding for property construction, purchase and refinance. 

We assess your project for fit against the lending of the broad array of institutions in the market, then focus in to negotiate terms with those lenders we believe are most likely for your project.

You can achieve outstanding results through our visibility of the market - our approach allows us to locate more and better alternatives for our clients, which means deals that close, and on better terms.

Client Profile

Our clients are ambitious owners looking to obtain capital on great terms and pursuing stretching goals including:​

  • Achieving larger loans, and leverage
  • Re-mortgaging to free up cash
  • Repositioning a property
  • Financing non-standard property
  • Obtaining favorable deal structures (recourse, prepay,            and other terms)

With hundreds of institutions serving California's commercial and multifamily property financing market, you need clear insight to find lenders right for you.  Our priority is to deliver that for you.

Set your financing pricing and terms.

Improve pricing and performance of your capital with competitively-sourced options aligned to your strategy.

Interest Rate

Our role is to get offers for your specific project, on better terms.  Choose the best from among the actual proposals of lenders we find you.

Total Cost

We work to find you lower total funding cost  - including interest rate and all deal costs - and we earn nothing unless we find you your loan on terms you agree. 

Overall Terms

Deal specifics aside from price are critical - we help you find lenders who will give the terms you want, that advance your broader financial and portfolio goals.

You want action, efficient and decisive - just how we work.

Find out in real terms exactly the potential we're able to deliver your business - our process is straightforward, it's easy on you, and you have no commitment unless you want the credit we find you and you agree its terms.

Get specifics; Save time.

1.    Hold Funding Strategy Call to get an early view of possibilities.

2.    We work quickly to structure a powerful presentation of your deal,           and socialize it with lenders.

3.    Join Terms Call for lender feedback and to go forward. 

We operate at the speed you need to meet your timelines and deadlines.

Good to know:

If important to your situation, when marketing the deal and identifying short-listed lenders we can often anonymize you, the property, and the project.

You could have quotes in your hands straight-away.

Get in contact to open up new possibilities for your organization.

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